our process

Our success is largely attributed to empowering and encouraging our teams to innovate, anticipate and unbox their thinking to provide you with great products, and solution options. We earn your trust by continuously exploring new markets, design innovations, materials, production countries for pricing and duty advantages, manufacturing techniques, and logistical efficiencies to provide you with the greatest value. From the creative process, through production to shipping, we are keeping watch for you every step of the way.

On-Trend, On-Time

Our Work Flow and the birth of your product

Trend Analysis

Essential in the competitive, trend-centric marketplace, we use our presence in Asia, Europe and the USA to provide extensive coverage of the world’s premier markets.

Seasonal shopping of the fashion capitals; New York, London, Paris, Milan, Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai, our teams of trend spotters stay on top of the evolving trends to present and share our intel with you.

We provide you with the latest market intelligence and anticipation of the next new trend from our vast network of global vendors, fabric and yarn suppliers for your development before they hit the market.

Design and Product Development

Contempo teams, and the design teams of our vendor-partners, offer you a full spectrum of design and product development services - whether you want to build customized products using your own private label designs, or opt to use a vendor’s product design to save costs and increase speed and efficiency. We can also custom design and develop a product or collections that are unique to the DNA of your brand, in design aesthetics, quality and pricing. You choose the Modus Operandi from our menu of services that works for your business.

Our expert merchandising teams focus on knowing YOU our customer. We ensure the correct mix of ingredients and design details to achieve your target price points and construction standards. Our expertise at cost engineering will insure that we build the best product and quality at the price you need.

Vendor Selection

We match your needs with carefully selected vendors from our global vendor base in the most favorable country of origin, capturing the best preferential benefits while leveraging our company position to achieve your price targets and delivery objectives.

At Contempo, we work with the most trusted and reliable vendors and suppliers. We are committed to high ethical and fairness standards, which have built long term partnerships with vendors in every major manufacturing country across the globe. We assure through careful auditing and vetting that factories meet good working conditions, human rights and your company’s compliance standards.

Approval Management

Our trusted approval team provides on-the-ground professional expertise in managing the color and fit of your products, as if they were an extension to your own business. In order to ensure that your products are made exactly as specified, a designated colorist will handle all color approvals and a technical team will be responsible of the entire fitting process. This greatly increases speed to market as the team bridges the gap between you and manufactures by streamlining communications and ensuring that technical details are not lost in translation.

We do the worrying for you!

Production Management

To insure on-time deliveries that meet your order specifications, our experienced highly trained production management professionals rotate between production sites as your eyes and ears on the ground. These teams closely monitor the production process and provide firsthand, work-in-progress updates and identify and report any issues for quick resolution.

Quality Assurance

Over 25% of our staff is focused purely on quality assurance and quality control activities. The quality assurance team provides you with advice and guidance from the early development stage through to the pre-production stage. The quality control teams are responsible for the fulfillment of orders and are keeping watch throughout the production process, performing a minimum of two in-line audits to avoid problems before they occur and one final inspection prior to delivery.

Our emphasis on quality control is a Contempo core competency and our commitment to you. We strive to ensure that your products are produced as specified and of the highest quality, as evidenced by our near-zero low quality claim rate.


Our internal compliance standards are second to none and have been recognized by major customers across the globe. Our work adheres to strict legal requirements and ethical best business practices. We also ensure that we only work with vendors who hold themselves to these same standards. Our achievements in high levels of CTPAT recognition have enabled our customers to qualify for fast track customs clearance.


We manage the entire logistics process for you by working with logistics experts around the globe to make sure your products get to where they need to be, when they need to be there. Our experience and expertise allows us to shorten customs entry through timely and accurate documentation, save on duties through the first-sale program and educate you on the changing customs requirements.