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Our 40 years of experience have given us unique and unparalleled expertise when it comes to product development and sourcing. Our teams of over 400 specialists across 15 wholly owned offices around the globe, seamlessly deliver over 50 million products to satisfied customers each year thanks to our exclusive network and longstanding relationships with designers, craftsmen, manufacturers, quality assurance and logistical experts.

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Our story began in 1977, when Betty Wong, founded Contempo in Hong Kong. She started the company as a boutique sourcing house with a specialty in sweaters. As Contempo’s founder, Betty established and maintained the company’s standard of excellence for the next 40+ years!

Ahead of our time – Women were First!

Contempo was a pioneer in empowering and promoting women to business leadership roles. Betty identified talent and work ethic in her recruits. From the beginning, and as Contempo grew, she trained, nurtured and rewarded excellence with senior and executive positions throughout the company. Contempo remains an example of corporate equality and fairness…always valuing and promoting strong, talented women.

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Sammi Lee Merchandising, Taipei

"We wanted something extraordinary and unique for the opening of our new Taipei office. We decided to create a handspun installation with the most beautiful novelty yarns of the season. Despite our hectic schedule, everyone in the office pitched in for the entire month. Using 229 cones, weighing over 50 kilos, our wall of yarn was fabricated."

Winnie Kwok Merchandising, Hong Kong

"A small seal, crafted by an artist in Fujian, China, was designed to commemorate Contempo’s 35th anniversary. The Chinese character “諾”, or “vow”, stands for our most treasured value – our commitment to honour promises to customers, vendors and colleagues."

Chris Tse CEO

"From humble beginnings, Contempo has grown into an international sourcing agent, attracting some of the finest industry talents, and servicing many top retailers in the market. But our path has never been a straight line. While there are times of smooth sailing, it is often through the unexpected twists and turns that we discover, learn, and gain new momentum. As we embark on our 40th anniversary and celebrate our achievements, we embrace our future with renewed optimism, enthusiasm and commitment."

Oreo Hong Kong

"I am the company dog and I come to work most Fridays. The best part of the workday is the food – pineapple buns, peanut butter toast, and the occasional roast pork with stir fried vegetable on rice – all treats from colleagues I have befriended over the years. I am a highly valued employee of the company. My proudest moment was to model for the company’s product catalog – and to be chosen for the cover."

Gianluca Lam Design, New York

"Designers always do more than just designing. One minute, we put on the hat of a supplier, discussing costing parameters, timelines for manufacturing, and product development. The next minute we become part of a sales team, working closely with buyers to develop ideas. We are a magician at times, coming up with instant solutions, and then a fortune teller, predicting the bestseller for the next season. It always seems impossible. Until it’s done."

Kelly Shum Merchandising, Hong Kong

"I started my career with Contempo, in 1980. Our small office had fewer than 10 people when I first joined. Everyone was responsible for everything – following up orders, garment inspections, shipping, trips to the post office… we worked many 13-hour days. My parents thought I would quit within the first month, but this is my 37th year with Contempo!"

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